Trophy Presentations

The following trophies were presented during the Trophy Presentation breakfast on Friday at 0830 at the Baja Cantina (Race Headquarters) in Cabo:

NHYC Cabo San Lucas Race Perpetual Trophy: Winner of ORR Class 3 (corrected time)
Horizon – Owner/Skipper: John Schulz
Navigator: Richard Parlette
Len Bose Peter Carey Greg Helias Justin Law
Buddy Richley Alex Steele

The Mayor’s Trophy: Winner of ORR Class 2 (corrected time)

H. H. Ayres Perpetual Trophy: Overall ORR Division winner  (corrected time)

Grand Illusion – Owner: Edward McDowell
Skipper: James McDowell
Navigator: Patrick O’Brien
Michael Blunt David Liebenberg Mark Folkman William Paxton
Andy Dippel Dylan Watts Richard Reilly

Miguel Aleman Trophy – Winner of ORR Class 1 (corrected time)

State of California Governor’s Perpetual Trophy – First ORR boat to finish (elapsed time)

Zephyrus- Owner/Skipper: Damon Guizot
Navigator: Joe Buck
Kevin Abbink Andrew Cleveland Alan Field Stuart Palmer
Henry Brawner Dan Crowley Mike Maxum Bill Petersen
William Petersen Robin Sodaro Edmund Stazicker Gary Tautz
William Tetrick Brian Thompson

NHYC Cabo San Lucas Race Perpetual Trophy – Winner of ORCA – First multihull boat to finish (corrected time)

New Perpetual: – First ORCA boat to finish (elapsed time)

Phaedo3 – Owner/Skipper: Lloyd Thornburg
Navigator: Simon Fisher
Paul Allen Henry Bomby Damian Foixall Sam Goodchild
Fletcher Kennedy

2017 Newport to Cabo Yacht Race is a Wrap

The 2017 NHYC Newport to Cabo International Yacht Race has concluded with the trophy presentations on Friday, March 17th at 0830, shortly after the final boat – Horizon  – finishes the race and arrives in Cabo.

The race was historical in several respects. Only six boats finished the race – the fewest finishers in recent memory, and perhaps in the 45 year history of the race. This year also saw three multi-hull entrants, of which two (Phaedo3 and Mighty Merloe) battled it out the entire race course finishing 1st and 2nd across the finish line, more than 3 days after their start.

Despite the frustratingly slow start and early parts of the race, the moods, enthusiasm and excitement towards the final hours, at the finish and at the arrival at the docks was  as positive and strong as any of the previous races. Each boat was greeted by a large contingent of Race Committee hospitality, family and friends – no matter if the dark hours of 3am or a 3pm early afternoon arrival. Greetings always extended for several hours of “Happy Hour” at the Baja Cantina with each arrival.

Check out the official Facebook Page for additional photos and interviews of the competitors.

Schedule of Events Changes

Today’s scheduled “Awards Fiesta” has change to accommodate the extension of the deadline to finish as Horizon is still about 100 NM from the finish.

Tonight is The Big Party at the Baja Cantina from 5pm to 7pm. Hosted drinks and appetizers for all competitors.

Pending the arrival of Horizon tonight (or early tomorrow), the Awards / Trophy Presentation will be held in the Baja Cantina at 8:30 AM, on Friday, March 17th.

Grand Illusion & Holua Finish Cabo

Grand Illusion crossed the finish line this morning at 9:33am, followed shortly thereafter by Holua at 10:38am.  This was a closely fought race between the two in ORR-2 Class all the way down to the line.

Grand Illusion – Owner: Edward McDowell Skipper: James McDowell Navigator: Patrick O’Brien Crew: Michael Blunt, David Liebenberg, Mark Folkman, William Paxton, Andy Dippel, Dylan Watts, Richard Reilly
Holoua – Owner/Skipper: Brack Duker. Crew: Chuck Skewe, Doug McLea, Fletcher Sim, Jay Crum, John Fuller, Jonathan Sims, Peter Isler, William Erkelens

Zephyrus Finishes

Early morning in Cabo, shortly before sunrise and Zephyrus finishes with and elapse time of 4D 13H 26M 45S.  Their strategy to win the class was to “win the start” and then “extend their lead”.  The strategy worked giving them First Place in ORR 1, crossing the line with no competitors in sight.

As for rations, there is one burrito and one apple to spare on board, according to the crew.  It’s Happy Hour time in the Cantina as crew and NHYC Hospitality talk about the race and recap on the Yellow Brick live monitor.

Mighty Merloe Finishes Cabo

The Mighty Merloe finished the Newport to Cabo International Yacht Race at 17:29:08 local time, less then 2 hours after the first finisher. This gives them 2nd place in the ORCA Class behind Phaedo3. The entire NHYC Hospitality team, along with most of the Phaedo3 team and many other friends and family of other competitors that flew down to Cabo met them at the docks as they arrived.

Everyone enjoyed the hosted Happy Hour Fiesta at the Baja Cantina (Race Headquarters) .

The first ORR boat is expected to cross the finish line sometime early tomorrow morning, followed by the rest of the boats later in the day. There is still a close race in the ORR 2 Class between Grand Illusions and Holua as they are only 5 miles apart only 100 nm from the finish.

Here are the final results of the ORCA Class.