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  • Classic Beauty

  • Cabo Bound

  • Heading South

  • Sleds Starting

  • The fun begins

  • Beautiful Cabo

  • Finish line in sight

Time Shaver - ORR 3Viggo Torbensen | DPYCBlake HamiltonJack MarantoDave MillettKeith MagnussenErik Brockmann

Schedule of Events

The official NHYC Cabo 2015 Schedule of Events are posted. Mark your calendars.   Schedule of Events The Big Picture:  Date / Time Event  Jan17th @ 8:30AM  Safety at Sea Seminar  Mar 19th @ 6PM  Cabo Race Send-Off @ NHYC  Mar 20th @ 1PM  PHRF Race Start  Mar 21rd @ 1PM  ORR Race Start  Mar […]

Do You Have Your “TIP”?

The Temporary Import Permit (TIP) is now an enforced requirement for bringing a boat to Mexico. It is strongly suggested that all boats participating in the NHYC Cabo 2015 Race have a current TIP. Instructions for obtaining a TIP is on the NHYC Cabo website here. It’s not difficult to do and can be obtained relatively quickly, but […]