Trophy Presentations

The following trophies were presented during the Trophy Presentation breakfast on Friday at 0830 at the Baja Cantina (Race Headquarters) in Cabo:

NHYC Cabo San Lucas Race Perpetual Trophy: Winner of ORR Class 3 (corrected time)
Horizon – Owner/Skipper: John Schulz
Navigator: Richard Parlette
Len Bose Peter Carey Greg Helias Justin Law
Buddy Richley Alex Steele

The Mayor’s Trophy: Winner of ORR Class 2 (corrected time)

H. H. Ayres Perpetual Trophy: Overall ORR Division winner  (corrected time)

Grand Illusion – Owner: Edward McDowell
Skipper: James McDowell
Navigator: Patrick O’Brien
Michael Blunt David Liebenberg Mark Folkman William Paxton
Andy Dippel Dylan Watts Richard Reilly

Miguel Aleman Trophy – Winner of ORR Class 1 (corrected time)

State of California Governor’s Perpetual Trophy – First ORR boat to finish (elapsed time)

Zephyrus- Owner/Skipper: Damon Guizot
Navigator: Joe Buck
Kevin Abbink Andrew Cleveland Alan Field Stuart Palmer
Henry Brawner Dan Crowley Mike Maxum Bill Petersen
William Petersen Robin Sodaro Edmund Stazicker Gary Tautz
William Tetrick Brian Thompson

NHYC Cabo San Lucas Race Perpetual Trophy – Winner of ORCA – First multihull boat to finish (corrected time)

New Perpetual: – First ORCA boat to finish (elapsed time)

Phaedo3 – Owner/Skipper: Lloyd Thornburg
Navigator: Simon Fisher
Paul Allen Henry Bomby Damian Foixall Sam Goodchild
Fletcher Kennedy

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