Just kidding, this is the real deal folks. Phaedo 3 crossed the finish line today at 15:42:43 UTC-7. Lloyd Thornburg and his crew of Damian Foixall, Fletcher Kennedy, Henry Bomby, Paul Allen, Sam Goodchild, Simon Fisher, and Brian Thompson joined the Racers’ Happy Hour at the Baja Cantina to regain their land legs and monitor Yellowbrick for Mighty Merloe’s finish. Lloyd reported that this race resembled a chess game, with a gut check at the end when Mighty Merloe diverted toward shore.

See interview of Owner / Skipper Lloyd Thornburg on the docks on the NHYC Newport to Cabo Facebook Page.


Wednesday Morning in Cabo

Sunrise in Cabo, and the finish line is up and we are just waiting for the boats to finish.

At about 10 PM last night it seemed as though we could see finishers as early as this morning, with the multi hulls doing about 20 knots according to the trackers. However, now looks like the wind has died down again and it’s back to slower sailing.

From the perspective of this armchair quarterback, it looks as if Mighty Merloe  was going to hunt for more wind by going outside, at one point as much as 90 degrees to the finish line giving them a zero VMG to the finish. Phaedo3 quickly covered from a lead position following the Mightly Merloe out. At about 1 am, Mighty Merlin jibbed back towards land with Phaedo3 jibbing as well to cover. By 8 am, they were both back near the rhumb line with only about 20 miles separation.

Meanwhile, Zephyrus is leading the ORR on a direct course to finish. The battle for ORR2 is a tight race, with Grand Illusion and Holua in a close and tight race with only about 5 miles between them.

Wind forecasts continue to change, but RC is expecting to see some arrivals starting today and continuing through the night and into tomorrow.

Fiesta Happy Hour today a 4pm to 6pm at the Baja Cantina (Race Headquarters) for competitors, family and friends.  RC will be greeting all the boats at the docks when they arrive with Champagne, beer and cheers. If your in Cabo, hang around the Cantina and help us welcome the finishes to Cabo.

Tuesday Morning Update

It’s Tuesday morning and the sun is shining in Cabo as the Spring Break crowd start to stir and head to the pools for the 2 for 1 drink specials starting at 11am.

Meanwhile, just over 400 nm up the coast, the remaining 6 boats racing to Cabo are enjoying slightly better wind than yesterday.  The front pack consisting of Zephyrus, Phaedo3, Grand Illusion, Mighty Merloe and Houla are relatively close together with Horizon bringing up the rear.  Wind forecasts seem to change hourly, so it could be anyone’s race right now as they now just around the half-way point of the race.

The finish line awaits.

And then there were 6

Today the race course was plagued with another day of extremely light winds. Despite the fact that the RC extended the finish deadline to 1700 on Sunday, we saw the retirement of an additional seven boats since the 0700 check-in.

Remaining in the race are Brack Duker’s SC 70, Holua skippered and navigated by Peter Isler, facing off against rival, Ed McDowell’s SC 70 Grand Illusion skippered by James McDowell and navigated by Patrick O’Brien. Grand Illusion last won this race in 2007 while Holua is still looking for her first win. Grand Illusion seems to be controlling the game for most of today, however there are still over 500 miles to go.

It is a race against the clock at this point for John Schulz’s SC 50 Horizon, which is owner skippered and navigated by Richard Parlette. All of their competitors in ORR 3 have thrown in the towel and are headed for home. Horizon won the overall in this race in 2011, under then owner Jack Taylor but for this year’s race it looks like it is coming down to waterline and Horizon might be coming up short. However, there is still a lot of race left and anything can happen.

In the multihull class, John Gallagher’s Chim Chim officially withdrew at 1645 today, leaving Lloyd Thornburg’s Phaedo3 and Howard Enloe’s Mighty Merloe left to battle it out between each other. Both of these boats are used to going fast, really fast. Mighty Merloe set an elapsed course record in 2015 of 1D:16h:14m:14s, seeing a top speed of 38 knots. We overheard their crew talking on the dock before the start: “I never thought of the Cabo race as more than a 2 day race.” Time to find a deck of cards, gentlemen.

It will be interesting to see what happens overnight, as the forecast is slightly improving.

Onboard Report from Peter Isler

Peter Isler aboard Houla filed this onboard report on March 12th at 1500 with Scuttlebutt:

Greetings from the Santa Cruz 70 Holua! It’s been a light, slow, foggy race so far. We’ve only done 100nm since the start (the race ticks in at over 800 nm) and are 25 hours into the race. The scratch boat in the fleet – Rio100 has already pulled the plug and turned around – motoring past us this morning.

With a full moon – migrating whales and a green coastal plain thanks to recent rains – we were hoping for some good visuals but it’s been pea soup (under 100 meters vis) fog until mid-evening last night when it thinned out a just bit – so we really have not seen any competitors since just after the start until just 15 mins ago – when the Andrews 63 Medicine Man and Santa Cruz 70 Catapult appeared out of the haze offshore of us. (continues…)

Read the Full Report on Scuttlebutt

Winning the War of Attrition

This might go down as the slowest Newport to Cabo Race in the history books!

The monohulls have been racing for just under 48 hours and so far 10 boats have retired citing lack of wind. The race committee has once again extended the finish time limit to Sunday at 1700. However, it seems all boats spirits remain high and position reports have been entertaining. These were some of our favorites:

– Several boats have requested virgin sacrifice to appease the Wind Gods…
– A few boats have considered “copy & paste” from last night’s check-in…
– The MEX Navy is laughing at everyone “racing” to Cabo… (True story)

The multihulls have been racing for just under 24 hours and have almost caught the monohull leaders. Pheado3 and Mighty Merloe are in a battle and appear to be covering each other as they make their way down the coast.

Multi-Hull’s Start Cabo Race, Rio & Condor Retire

The Multi-Hull’s started their race to Cabo at 1300 as scheduled today.  They start about 100 nautical miles behind the leaders. They are expected to pass the leaders and be the first competitors to reach Cabo.

Meanwhile Rio (Bakewell-White 100′) and Condor (Andrews) decide to retire stating “lack of wind” as their reason.  That leaves Zephyrus, Grand Illusion, Pyewacket and Medicine Man leading the pack to Cabo in a relatively neck-to-neck race this early on.

View Live Tracking on the Yellow Brick website, or download their mobile app and search for NHYC Cabo Race 2017.